Physicians for Weight Loss Welcomes You to our Blog

Welcome to our new and improved website! We have added this fabulous blog to be able to reach our community at large. We hope to educate you, entertain you, dispel myths about weight management, and increase awareness of weight related medical problems. We hope you will enjoy reading our posts and we welcome your comments [...]

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Weight Doesn’t Matter

You are probably wondering how is it possible that a weight loss doctor is telling me that weight doesn’t matter. Simply put, weight does not determine the status of a person’s health. Take two people, same height, same ethnicity, and both weigh 200 pounds. One is a body builder and the other works at a [...]

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – we are not kidding!

Remember that saying “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day?” Remember when your mom insisted you eat something before leaving for school, nagging at you that you wouldn’t be able to concentrate unless you had something in your stomach. Well, Mom had the right idea but not necessarily the right reason why.  It [...]

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Type 2 Diabetes is largely a preventable disease

On a day to day basis we encounter patients plagued with Type 2 Diabetes. It is absolutely true that this disease is due to carbohydrate intolerance caused mostly by a high carbohydrate diet over the course of many years. We can't discount the fact that genetics plays a roll in a person's predisposition to developing [...]

Is all protein created equal?

More and more people are beginning to accept the importance of eating enough protein throughout the day in order to help maintain their metabolic health. Most of us understand that eating meat is but one way to accomplish this. There are, in fact, many sources of dietary protein: red meat, pork, poultry, fish, eggs, soy, [...]

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It’s time to awaken your hidden thin

Most of us are born with the potential to be healthy. For 70% of Americans, somewhere along the way, the body loses its course. At Physicians for Weight Loss, we are dedicated to helping your body refocus and get back on the path to a healthier you. By providing each patient with an individualized treatment [...]