Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Weight Doesn’t Matter

You are probably wondering how is it possible that a weight loss doctor is telling me that weight doesn’t matter. Simply put, weight does not determine the status of a person’s health. Take two people, same height, same ethnicity, and both weigh 200 pounds. One is a body builder and the other works at a [...]

Type 2 Diabetes is largely a preventable disease

On a day to day basis we encounter patients plagued with Type 2 Diabetes. It is absolutely true that this disease is due to carbohydrate intolerance caused mostly by a high carbohydrate diet over the course of many years. We can't discount the fact that genetics plays a roll in a person's predisposition to developing [...]

It’s time to awaken your hidden thin

Most of us are born with the potential to be healthy. For 70% of Americans, somewhere along the way, the body loses its course. At Physicians for Weight Loss, we are dedicated to helping your body refocus and get back on the path to a healthier you. By providing each patient with an individualized treatment [...]