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A safe and very effective non-surgical weight loss method

The KE Diet is a revolutionary, safe and very effective non-surgical weight loss method. For 10 days, the KE Diet supplies your body with a very low-calorie, protein and fat-rich solution, delivered through a tiny feeding tube (about the size of a string of spaghetti) which goes through your nose directly to your stomach. There are no drugs and no surgery. The solution is delivered 24 hours a day through a small pump. You carry the pump and the solution easily and conveniently in a shoulder pack that we provide. The solution is a proprietary mixture of proteins, fats, vitamins and other elements designed to maintain essential nutrition and health during the 10-day period, while suppressing hunger.

The KE Diet works because it provides your body only with proteins and fats, and not with carbohydrates or sugars, thus forcing your body into a state of ketosis, in which your body burns its own fat. This is the same principle as some other low-carb programs, except the KE Diet, through its unique delivery method, intensifies the process and achieves dramatic results in a short period of time.*

*Your results may vary.

  • Medically Supervised
  • No Drugs
  • No Surgery
  • No Hunger

Frequently Asked Questions

The KE diet involves a proprietary mixture of essential protein, fats, vitamins and minerals delivered through a small nutritional tube (about the size of a string of spaghetti) that goes from your nose directly to your stomach.  The tube is placed easily and painlessly in approximately 30-60 seconds in the office.  The solution is delivered 24 hours a day by a small pump that you carry around in a convenient shoulder bag.

Because the KE diet provides all the nutrition your body needs- proteins, fats and micronutrients and NO
carbohydrates or sugars- your body goes into a state of nutritional ketosis. What this means is that your
body learns to burn fat as a fuel instead of glucose and the effect is a melting away of fat. This is a
similar concept to other low carbohydrate diets but the difference is that with other low carbohydrate
diets you still get about 20 grams of carbohydrates daily because it is unavoidable in food. And with
other low carbohydrate diets it can take 2-4 weeks to achieve a state of nutritional ketosis. With the KE
diet proprietary formula you receive ZERO carbohydrates. The ultimate effect being a rapid progression
into deep nutritional ketosis that produces dramatic results in just 5-10 days.

On average it takes 24-48 hours to achieve nutritional ketosis on the KE diet. Once in nutritional ketosis,
patients can lose 1 pound every eleven hours, which translates into approximately 2 pounds per day!
Patients on the 5 day KE diet lose between 5-10 pounds in just 5 days, where people on the 10 day KE
diet can lose between 10-20 pounds. It is important to understand that the weight lost is mainly fat with
little to no loss of lean body mass, thereby optimizing your metabolism. With other rapid weight loss
diets, patients lose fat and muscle and since muscle drives your metabolism you can understand why
they regain the weight they lost and sometimes even more.

Many patients are rightfully concerned with what happens after they lose the weight, how do they keep
it off. At Physicians For Weight Loss our focus is on long term weight management and long term
success. We are dedicated to helping you find a reasonable and sustainable lifestyle change to help you
not only maintain your weight loss, but optimize your metabolism and prevent diseases. The KE diet is
an amazing way to kick this off as well as a tool we might use to help those patients whose bodies have
“plateaued” with their current efforts. Training your body to live off of ketones is beneficial long term
because it allows you to be metabolically flexible which ultimately leads to long term success.

Dear Dr. Oz,
After seeing your show on February 8, 2016 I felt compelled to write to you and provide some feedback and insight. As a fellow physician and Board Certified Obesity Me
dicine Specialist, I am concerned about the way you portrayed the diets you presented on that particular show. In full disclosure, I am a KE diet provider and based on your show, it appears that you have misunderstood the KE diet and therefore misrepresented it to the public…

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