Dr. Inbar – The Best Food and Fitness for Your Age

Dr. Kirson speaks with Kathy Hart from 101.9 FM on Healthy with Hart. This Podcast can also be found at http://wtmx.com/healthy-with-hart/.  As you age, your metabolism does change over time.  It is important to change what you eat to accommodate this.  Dr. Kirson discusses the best food and exercise choices individuals can make as they [...]

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Dr. Inbar – Listen to Your Body – Sleep & Water

Achieving an energized, happy and healthy you by listening to your body.  Dr. Inbar provides guidance for listeners as you try to "listen to your body."  Take time to rest. Sleep has been linked to overall health, weight, stress reduction and diabetes.  Chronic sleep deprivation can take months for your body to "catch up."

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Dr. Inbar – Feed Your Soul – Prioritize Your Health

Learn how to refocus and get back to a healthier, happier you.  Feed your soul, feed your mind, and feed your heart.  Take time for yourself to recharge.  A bubble bath, meditation, a walk around the block, a spa visit - activities like these help you make yourself a priority.  Your heath needs to be [...]

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Energy from Protein & Fat – Carbohydrates & Energy

Learn how to stop the energy fatigue cycle and how this is related to carbohydrate intake.  Find out more about carbohydrates - what are they and what a low carbohydrate diet really is.  Discover the difference between essential and non-essential nutrients.    Our body can create all the energy we need from protein and fat.

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Dr. Inbar – Attitude & Change – Healthy Habits

Get in the best shape of your life following healthy habits.  Learn how adopting a new attitude is one of the most important things you can do while you are going through change.  Behavioral changes don't occur over night.  There are really 7 stages of change one needs to follow in order to make your [...]

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Dr. Inbar’s Myths About Fat

Dr. Inbar explains the myth about fat.

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