An Open Letter to Dr. Oz

Read an open letter to Dr. Oz explaining the KE diet. In her letter Dr. Kirson explains specific elements of the KE diet and how this diet differs from other weight loss programs.

Learn how the KE diet is an extremely useful tool when used with carefully selected patients.  Find out more about the science behind the KE diet and ketogenic diets.  This diet is not a starvation diet because every nutrient needed by the body to function normally is provided.  This is not a quick fix weight loss program.  It is meant to “jumpstart” a medically supervised weight loss program that will lead to long term success…

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Get Inspired: 3 Women Physicians Turned Entrepreneurs

As one of the 3 physicians interviewed, Dr. Kirson explains the origins of Physicians for Weight Loss and the individualized weight management process provided for every patient.

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