Patient Needs Come First

No obligation consultation- From the first moment you walk into our office you will feel you are in the right place. With a warm welcome and a big smile our office staff will greet you and guide you through your first visit. We will ask you to fill out an extensive medical history form (which you will be able to fill out online or download and fill out in the comforts of your own home).  In a private room you will have a complete Body Composition Analysis (BCA) and you will receive a personalized printout of your body fat, muscle mass and water content. The doctor will review these measurements with you in detail and explain how we will use the BCA to continuously update and customize your treatment plan. After a comprehensive discussion your PFWL physician will present you with an outline of your individualized treatment plan options. Your treatment plan will take into account all aspects of your current lifestyle and try to work within that framework.

No Obligation Consultation

There are no membership fees, no contracts to sign, and no hidden costs. We pride ourselves on being up front with our patients and sensitive to their needs.

Initial Exam

After your consult you may choose to proceed with treatment on the same day or schedule your initial exam at a later date. Before beginning any medical weight loss program we want to make sure it is safe for you. We will check an EKG, order blood tests to evaluate your metabolic health and risks for diabetes, heart disease and other conditions, perform a physical exam, and review our findings with you.

Our Comprehensive Approach

We thoroughly evaluate for metabolic disturbances that might hinder or sabotage your efforts. Since 30% of people living with diabetes don’t even know they have it, and 2/3 of US adults with diabetes are overweight, it is prudent that we not only evaluate for diabetes and pre-diabetes, but that we work to prevent and reverse the disease. Advanced cardiac biomarker blood tests allow for early detection of diseases like diabetes and heart disease and allow us the opportunity to initiate lifestyle changes and treatments to prevent you from developing these deadly diseases. To understand more about Advanced Biomarker Testing that we offer, click here.

 We will address any medical conditions that arise and communicate closely with your primary care physician to ensure a comprehensive approach to helping you on your path to wellness. You will receive a detailed and personalized treatment plan with very specific goals for your next appointment. Together with your PFWL physician you will decide when your next appointment will be.

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A body composition analysis is performed at each visit and provides each patient with a detailed printout of body fat, muscle mass and water content. The technology used to perform the BCA is called Bioelectrical Impedence. Simply put, a small electrical signal (not felt by the patient) passes from your bare feet throughout your body and travels through muscle and fat at different speeds as determined by the water content of the tissue. The more muscle a person has, the more water their body can hold, the easier it is for the current to pass. The opposite is true for fat which provides greater resistance to the current.

One of our goals is to empower you and give you the knowledge to maintain the lifestyle changes you are making and the BCA can be an invaluable tool for helping you stay on course. The BCA also helps your PFWL physician adjust your treatment plan to ensure fat loss and maintain muscle mass which will ensure your long term success.

Exercise is essential to promote cardiovascular fitness, burn excess calories and maintain muscle mass while a person is engaged in a weight loss program. At Physicians for Weight Loss, we educate our patients on the importance of a balanced exercise routine consisting of aerobic activities (walking, jogging or biking) and strength training activities (resistance bands, weights or pilates). While we encourage our patients to join a health club or meet with a personal trainer, we can also help them create a meaningful exercise routine at home. We help our patients set realistic exercise goals that allow them to not only succeed in their weight loss program – but to ultimately maintain a healthy weight and establish a more active lifestyle.

At Physicians for Weight loss we believe that long-term success in weight reduction is multi-factorial and ultimately involves establishing behavioral patterns that promote a healthy lifestyle. The proper nutritional plan for weight loss is not only about making good food choices, but is also about understanding and controlling some of the “triggers” that lead us to stray from a healthy diet. Many people are emotional eaters and they respond to happy, sad or stressful situations by using food to comfort them. In addition, life events and holidays are often celebrated with large amounts of pleasurable, but not necessarily healthy, foods. At Physicians for Weight Loss, we give our patients the tools to deal with these obstacles and the confidence to overcome them.

Nutrition, in its most basic meaning, is the provision (in the form of food) of all of the materials necessary to support life. The key word here is “necessary”, as many of our food choices are made to indulge our desires rather than fulfill our bodily needs. At Physicians for Weight Loss, we provide education about those food items that are truly essential, or “necessary”, for our long-term well-being. We also offer guidance on how to balance the foods that we desire with the foods that we require in order to promote a healthy and satisfying maintenance nutritional plan.

At Physicians for Weight Loss, we are knowledgeable about many different treatments for overweight, obesity, and related metabolic abnormalities. Some examples of the tools that we might recommend as part of your treatment are appetite suppressants, Lipo-B injections, B-12 injections, and medically prescribed meal replacements in addition to other forms of dietary treatment.

Appetite Suppressants: Some people require additional help for those difficult cravings. We use FDA approved medications proven effective in the treatment of obesity. We adhere to the ASBP prescribing guidelines for anorectic medications. When prescribing these medications, we consider your complete medical history and physical exam ensuring your safety.

Lipo-B injections: This special lipotropic (fat burning) formulation of vitamins and amino acids prescribed by our physicians can help your body lose that unhealthy fat. Lipo-B contains vitamin B-12 as well as other B-complex vitamins that help maintain energy levels during treatment. Amino acids (building blocks of protein) like methionine, in addition to other chemicals like choline and inositol help to enhance the breakdown of fat molecules as well as slow down the storage of fat in the liver. Many of our patients find these weekly injections to be a very valuable adjunct to their treatment.

The B-12 vitamin (Cobalamin) is necessary for proper functioning of the brain and nervous system in addition to the production of important blood cells. This is a very safe medication and is provided in multiple doses depending on the patient’s symptoms and goals. In some patients we might recommend combining the Lipo-B with the B-12 to achieve better maintenance of energy levels during weight loss.

KE Diet: A revolutionary safe and effective non-surgical program that frees you of hunger and cravings and jumpstarts your weight loss. Lose 10-20 pounds in just 10 days with no surgery, no drugs, and no hunger. Click here for more information.

Medically prescribed meal replacements: These popular and tasty shakes, bars and soups are available by prescription only. They are nutritionally balanced to help you get the nutrients you need while we work with you to change your lifestyle and eating habits. These supplements are used in a variety of ways, as either a healthy snack alternative or replacing one or all of your meals. Our patients are very successful when using these meal replacements under the close supervision of our physicians.

Take Your Personal Health to the Next Level

Did you know you can look healthy and have “normal” cholesterol levels and still be at risk for heart
disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s and more?

  • Over 50% of people who suffer a heart attack or stroke have normal cholesterol levels.
  • For 50% of patients the first sign of heart disease is sudden death.
  • 20-30% of normal weight adults in the United States have body fat percentages in the obese range and are at higher risk for heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

How can you find out your real risk for these diseases?

Physicians for Weight Loss provides access to highly specialized testing that looks at biochemical
markers in your blood to give you a more accurate picture of your health risks and your metabolism.
These tests include:

Lipoprotein Particles: Knowing the size and number of these particles is a far more robust risk predictor than traditional lipid profiles alone. Cholesterol is carried in our bodies in lipoprotein molecules which can be small and dense and contribute to arterial plaque formation, or they can be large and fluffy and not involved in heart disease. Traditional measurements only look at total amounts of cholesterol (LDL and HDL) and don’t look at quality of the molecules. Dietary and lifestyle changes can be made to correct an unfavorable lipoprotein profile, and sometimes medication is necessary to further reduce the risk of heart disease.

Inflammatory Particles: Inflammation, which may lead to arterial plaque rupture, and ultimately to heart attack or stroke, is an independent predictor of risk for heart disease. You’ll find out the level of inflammation in your blood vessels and your body.

Genetic Markers: Some genetic markers predict risk for heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases. Some help us understand what potential supplements might benefit you as well as help you feel overall better. If you struggle with fatigue or fog brain you may have an MTHFR mutation. A genetic evaluation can help guide you in lifestyle choices to minimize your risk and overall improve your quality of life.

Metabolic Markers: Very early insulin resistance and pre-diabetes can be detected; often early insulin resistance is the driving force behind abnormal cholesterol. Evaluation of fat cell function or dysfunction can help monitor your progress and can mark potential for long term success. Vitamin D and B12 levels as well as thyroid functioning will be assessed thoroughly.

Omega-3 Index: This is a fatty acid profile, a potent indicator of the nutrients in your diet that can improve cardiovascular health and reduce inflammation.

This is a comprehensive laboratory evaluation that helps us better understand your metabolic health and your risks for future disease so that we can incorporate this information into your individualized plan and help you achieve your health potential. We use True Health Diagnostics to run these tests and all the tests are billed by True Health Diagnostics to your insurance company.

To learn more, call today to set up your no obligation consultation 847-256- THIN (8446)

In some patients, evaluation of food sensitivities can uncover reasons for the weight gain or lack of weight loss, as well as other symptoms such as fatigue, general malaise, depression, GI complaints, and many more. To understand more about ALCAT food sensitivity testing that we offer, click here.


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