A.C., Glenview, IL

I was approaching my 50th birthday with menopausal hot flashes and a desire to eat everything in sight. I was seriously out of control! PFWL was exactly what I needed. Dr. Kirson made me feel at ease from the start. While asking me questions she patiently listened to all my gripes, and together we created a plan designed for me.

At each appointment weigh-in, my internal body composition was tracked. This cutting edge test shows us exactly how my body was changing – right down to the nuances of my body water balance. I loved having a copy and found it to be a great reference and motivator. In addition to my weight loss goal, Dr. Kirson helped me finally understand my mood/food triggers. I’m much more conscience of that connection now, which definitely helps me enjoy what I’m eating, rather than just shoveling it in. Thank you Dr. Kirson for helping me achieve my goal and keep it off. I couldn’t have done it without you!

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