A.N., Deerfield, IL

I’m so thankful I found PFWL and Dr. Kirson! Growing up as a skinny kid, I never imagined being overweight. Blessed with a child at 40yrs old, pregnancy left me with an extra 20lbs I just couldn’t seem to lose. Although I felt anxious walking in for my initial meeting, Dr. Kirson put me at ease right away. She asked me questions about my health history and listened patiently. I told her my goals and together we made a plan designed for me. The body analysis machine is fascinating! At each appointment, I’d have a complete breakdown of the changes that were happening in my body. This machine tracked my body fat, muscle distribution, and my body/water ratios. Seeing positive changes in my body composition really helped me on weeks I was frustrated with the number on the scale. Dr. Kirson also helped me understand my relationship with food and how to make better food choices. Initially, I found this really hard! Keeping healthy food options in the house is a life skill I’m working on daily. It’s so easy to get trapped in the chip isle!! Thanks for
always encouraging me and giving me the tools to maintain my forever lifestyle.

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