J.C., Northbrook, IL

I’ve always struggled with my weight. Since adolescence I’ve carried at least an extra 15 or 20 pounds, and couldn’t seem to lose it. As I aged and my metabolism slowed, I hit a point where every year an extra five or so pounds crept on, and then eventually, I had children and five became a much larger number. I have tried just about every diet plan I can think of. I did Atkins, became a vegetarian, tried Weight Watchers, then Nutri-system, then corporate sponsored programs, but nothing worked for me for very long.

Once, in my mid-twenties, I got down to what I would consider a “skinny” weight for me
(for about 15 minutes). I felt sick and malnourished, and instantly packed on 10 pounds which felt better physically but was very discouraging in every other way. In my early 30s, I had two kids, then switched to a Paleo diet and worked out like a friend. After maybe losing only five pounds in a year, I was at a loss for what to do. I thought perhaps I was going to have to simply accept that this was the New Me: plus-sized, middle-aged, and tired all the time. If this sounds like you at all, quit reading this and just make an appointment, because that is not the way you have to feel.

It took me three months to call Physicians for Weight Loss and talk to Dr. Kirson (on a friend’s recommendation). I wish I’d called sooner, because I could have worn shorts that summer… What was missing for me was a bit of science, better measures of progress (like body composition), and an individualized plan that worked for my body type, medical needs, and genetics. And what was amazing to me, was that it wasn’t even that difficult.

Dr. Kirson worked with me to find small changes so that it wasn’t overwhelming. The key to my success was the way she focused on what was sustainable for my lifestyle in combination with what my blood tests and measures revealed about my body’s needs. In about a year, I lost between 40 and 50 lbs, raised my good cholesterol about 20 points, cleaned up the inflammation in my arteries, reduced my bad cholesterol, found out some really interesting things about genetics that fixed my chronic anemia and insomnia, and I haven’t stopped raving about it since.

I have sent family members, friends, even total strangers to Dr. Kirson, and continue to do so. Everyone I know who has come here has benefited from it, and I look forward to all of us growing old together and enjoying more quality time with our children and grandchildren.

This is not a one size fits all solution – it is an individualized approach that will meet your specific needs. Stop guessing at what you need to do and getting frustrated when it doesn’t work. Make that first appointment and take a step towards increasing your quality of life and longevity. There’s no better investment!

J.C., Northbrook, Age 37

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