Physicians for Weight Loss is different from all the other weight loss programs I have tried in the past in that I meet weekly with a Board Certified physician. I feel comfortable that my weight loss is being closely supervised. I have seen my “pre-diabetes” and “pre-hypertension” go away in only 6 weeks.

The initial phase of my individualized plan worked rapidly and really well for me. I lost 20 pounds in just 6 weeks and this really motivated me to feel better about myself, have more energy to move and caused others to notice the positive changes. Every visit I received an analysis of my body fat, muscle mass and water content. On weeks when I didn’t think I lost as much as I wanted, I could see that I had gained muscle and lost fat. This alone helped me not become discouraged.

The physicians at PFWL have been so incredibly supportive, helpful and truly dedicated to helping me lose weight and become healthier. So far I have lost 40# and kept it off for 10 months. I would like to lose another 10#.

Dr. Heinrich has helped me find ways to motivate myself to exercise and increase my activity level. I truly believe that for some of us exercise is not enjoyable. I believe the reason I have failed long term at weight maintenance in the past is that I failed to change my lifestyle. I viewed diets as a temporary event and when I reached my goal I would revert back to my old ways. At PFWL the physicians have really helped my understand and realize the health benefits of losing weight. We have discussed menopause and how it affected my weight and metabolism, and how to avoid high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease- all of which run in my family.

I am so grateful to PFWL and I have recommended these doctors to all of my friends and family. They have changed my life and for the first time in a long time I feel great!

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