M.G., Winnetka, IL

I’ve lost nearly 40 pounds as a patient at Physicians for Weight Loss. The staff is incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and delivers exceptional service. What I appreciate most is their level of customization to fit my constantly changing lifestyle.

When I was home as a new mother, and wanted to spend more time cooking, they gave me great ideas of what to eat. When I was traveling, they told me what I should look for in my meals at restaurants. When my graduate school schedule became very hectic and I had very little time to focus on my diet, their tasty products helped keep me on track and they provided me with exercise suggestions that were fast (~20 minutes) yet effective. They even told me the best type of alcohol to drink at social events!

They are realistic and there’s no counting points – this means that they help you to develop sustainable eating and it has been life changing for me!

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